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The Greens and the Browns: Compost Made Simple
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Sanctuary: The story of naturalist Mary Majka
Res Judicata
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Meteghan: Heart of Clare
Caisse Populaire de Clare: Community ownership in the heart of Clare
Excerpt from A Place Like No Other: Ami McKay, Scotts Bay, and The Birth House
“More Trees in our Lives” Robert Baldwin of Baldwin Nurseries, Falmouth NS


I'm thrilled to bits to announce the arrival of my new book from Nimbus Publishing, Plants for Atlantic Gardens. The official launch is in a couple of weeks, and there will be a number of signings, sales, talks, etc around the region. The book will be available in bookstores throughout our region and beyond (later for the USA). For those who want a personalized copy but aren't in Nova Scotia (the only place I will be touring for the time being), I have books for sale, payable via Paypal. The price with taxes and shipping included is 39.95 in North America.