Excerpt from Meet Your Farmer

Justin Beck was born to be a farmer. As a child, there were times when he would have rather been playing than doing farm chores, but as he grew, he realized he’d rather be working on the farm than doing anything else. A graduate of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (in bio-environmental systems), Justin returned to his Kingston, NS roots, working on his family’s 650-sow farrow-to-weaner hog farm with his father Terry as well as raising crops on his own 60-acre spread.

His belief that young farmers are the key to a successful agricultural future in Nova Scotia and all of Canada led Justin to take a leading role in several organizations that help foster growth of young and future farmers. Even though he’s busy with the two farms and with a job in crop and processing systems at Lyndhurst Farms in Canning, NS, Justin is the past chair of the Nova Scotia Young Farmers Forum, and is also a director and the vice chair for the Canadian Young Farmers Forum. He’s an eloquent advocate for agriculture in the country.

It’s not surprising that for his dedication to agriculture and young farmers in his province and country, Justin was recently awarded the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Youth Leadership Award for 2010. For his part, Justin is modest about the win, but hopes to continue to encourage others in the farming profession. “There’s always more to learn in agriculture, and new, even better ways of doing things,” he says. “If I can encourage other young men and women to see the opportunities in farming, and share the huge job satisfaction that can come from agriculture, I’ll be well pleased.”