Writing for Media

Feature Stories: As noted elsewhere, I have a particular passion for gardening & horticulture, nature & environment, and local food & agriculture in Atlantic Canada. My work has appeared in numerous provincial, regional, and national publications.

Columns: With a passion for plants and planting, it was natural that I’d develop an interest in writing regular gardening columns.

Book Reviews: I profile Canadian authors and review Canadian/Atlantic Canadian books of fiction or non-fiction, occasionally young adult titles.

Corporate Writing Services

Copyediting and Proofreading: You might be surprised at how typographical or grammatical errors affect how others view your work. I’m quick and efficient at rewriting material or checking it for errata.

Brochures: Need to be concise, pithy, and interesting in a brochure? I’m here to help.

Business Profiles: Nothing tells potential customers more about your business than a well-written company profile, history of your business or organization, and biographies of those who make it work.

Newsletters: For 15 years, I’ve been editor of the Canning Gazette, a monthly community newsletter published by the Village of Canning. I handle everything from writing stories and taking photographs to soliciting advertisers and doing layout.


Advertorials: These are special promotional articles that focus on your business, its products or services. Normally, you hire a professional writer to create your advertorial, perhaps a designer to create the layout, then purchase advertising in a publication to showcase your business to your best advantage.

Blog Writing: The weblog, or blog, is a specialized type of website copy, and a valuable means of developing your business profile and communicating with customers or potential customers.

Social Media: It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool in a business’s or organization’s bag of effective communication means. Not everyone has the time to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook. I am very comfortable working with these media, maintaining personal and professional personae in both media.